Captain Marvel Tumblers and Nerd Stein

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These are all one of a kind Tumblers all sealed together with clear coat FDA compliant Resin.

***Current turnaround time before shipping is 7-14 business days.***

This is a one of a kind hydro-dipped Tumbler all sealed together with clear coat FDA compliant Resin. 

Customize- Most tumblers come with 1 character on one side and a blank opposite side. This is a perfect place to put your customized message, name, or photo. On tumblers that have pictures on 2 sides you can always choose one of the pictures to remove and place your customized message, name, photo.

I can do all kinds of characters including Anime, movies, and games. 

All items are handmade at time of order, the dipped color pattern you receive will not be exactly the same as you see in the picture and no two items will ever be the same. Each tumbler is handcrafted and no machines are used so due to this there may be imperfections which all go along with buying handmade from a small home business. But I assure customers each of my tumblers goes through a quality control process prior to shipping.

I use Ozark, Tal, and Hogg tumblers, jugs, and bottles that are ranked just as good as YETIS and RTIC cups! They keep your drink cold/hot for much longer and don't sweat! All cups can be customized just for you. They are sealed with a clear smooth gloss resin finish that is FDA approved! With it being sealed in that means no paint or glitter will ever come off!! It is 100% safe to drink out of.

All Decals are placed between 2 layers of resin to ensure it stays. The vinyls cannot be removed. 

Care instructions:
Please wash your tumblers prior to use. Do not soak in hot water or use harsh abrasives or chemicals. NOT microwave or dishwasher safe. I will provide care instructions with each tumbler.

***This product is sealed with a protective clear coat FDA compliant resin****

Shipping- Due to the weight of the tumblers and jugs all shipping is done by weight and calculated at time of checkout.

Tumblers are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box. I include care instructions with each tumbler.

***Current turnaround time before shipping is 7-14 business days.***
**** If Rush order is needed, please purchase the rush order option in my storm, please remember that it is still a minimum of 5 days for the tumbler to get made, rush order moves you to the top of the list and will be started immediately***

The Process- The tumbler is coated in a base coat of spray paint, that layer is given 2-3 hours to fully cured. Once the top layer is cured the tumbler is hydro-dipped in spray-paint and water. Once the hydro-dipping is completed I give the paint a full 24 hours to cure. After it cures it is coated in its first coat of resin. It takes 48 hours for the coat to cure before I put the vinyls or pictures on. After the pictures/vinyls are applied I do the second coat of resin. I give the tumbler 3 days to fully cure before packaging up to ship.

If you have any questions please reach out to me.
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***Current turnaround time before shipping is 7-10 business days.***